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Sirtanio Organik Indonesia

Sirtanio Organik Indonesia (CV SOI) is the leading organic rice producer in Indonesia. We can sustainably supply the needs of the market. Sirtanio produce Red rice and mix organic rice. Our Products which can nourish the people and the business model increases farmers’ welfare and also to improve the environment.


What We Do

Learn more what we do for the our farmers partner in banyuwangi


Enhance Brain Performance for Baby and Kids
Prevent Premature Birth
Control Blood Sugar Level
Inhiits Cancer-Free Radicals, Because It Contain Antioxidants (Phenolic)
Reduce Asthma
Reduce High Blood Pressure
Reduce Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
Reduce Cholesterol Level
Increase Growth Hormon

Sirtanio Organic Indonesia Product

Organic Product That’s We Care With Love For Better Indonesia Familiy Life


Sirtanio Organik Indonesia

[ 156 ] Farmers Partner

[ 126 HA ] Organic Land Area